with Lorraine Fioravanti

homeowners and renters

Furnishing model homes for potential buyers; staging spaces for events or parties; transforming investor dwellings into stylish, attractive surroundings. You take care of the business, let me take care of the aesthetics!

​​If you're a home owner on a budget, a real estate developer, or anything in between: realize it's always possible to work with your design ideas or create new ones to enhance your surroundings and stay within whatever budget you may have in mind!

What's the trick?  Passion, Creativity, Tenacity, Enthusiasm and Vision --

and this is what I can offer to make it happen for you! 

Let me help you achieve what you may think is impossible or overwhelming!

builders, investors, realtors . . .

​​​Enhance Your Dwelling

I'll show you how creative ideas and vision can take your existing decor and rearrange furnishings, update accessories and make simple changes to transform it into something fresh, new, comfortable and exciting!

We can work with your EXISTING FURNISHINGS or start with a clean slate!